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Who We Are & What We Do

We provide benefit to customers by giving them an opportunity to focus on core functions within their organisations.

These services include: Procurement, Specialist Sourcing, Quotation, Kitting, Traceability and Confidentiality, Materials Control & Incoming Goods Inspection.

With its complete turnkey solution, clients know exactly what the costs are for manufacturing and/or components and can plan and budget successfully for an order or job.


We only work with leading and authorised manufacturers and suppliers.

Incoming Goods Inspection

We ensure that quality and quantity of the components meets the highest industry standards.


We gather all components and parts required to produce "Production ready" Kits of electronic components.


We have transparency when it comes to verifying the history, location or application of your components by means of documented and recorded identification.

Trusted Suppliers

We have long and good standing relationships with our Suppliers which is built on complete Trust.

Materials Control

We have systematic control over purchasing, storing and consumption of components to ensure that we can maintain a regular and timely supply.

Our Work Process

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We only work with reliable suppliers and will under no circumstance order products, if the supplier is not associated with a licensed agency

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While we gather all your components and parts required to produce you "Production Ready Kit"

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